4 Reasons why Augmented Reality will reshape B2B sales

Improve your customer experience with a visual, interactive and virtual selling strategy.

We've been working for 5 Years with Fortune 500 companies, here's what we've learned...

Sales Enablement with 3D & Augmented Reality allows you to show your products digitally – anywhere, anytime. It's truly a game changer for B2B sales.

Reason 1

Impress with innovative technologies

New technologies will change how organizations serve customers, train employees, design and create products, manage their value chains, and how they differentiate.

Where traditional catalogues and demo presentations can feel static and flat, Augmented Reality is offering visual and interactive storytelling. It provides a unique experience for consumers that they’ve never known before, and therefore helps marketers and sales teams to engage audiences and buyers on a whole new level.

SmartVu® Roboter in Augmented Reality

Reason 2

Next-level sales enablement

It can be challenging, if you have to sell complex products, have a large product portfolio or simply sell physically huge products. With digital product catalogues you can access your whole portfolio at all times. 

Use Augmented Reality as a way for consumers to test and experience their products anywhere at anytime without overcommitment and logistical difficulty. With a digital product catalogue can show buyers the actual size, shape, color, and other product details, letting it speak for itself.

Reason 3

Build customers trust & loyalty

Giving potential customers a more detailed look at products and services leaves room for your sales team to have more personal and meaningful conversations and helps them sell better.

Showing, rather than telling, simplifies complex product information, and lets buyers directly interact with your products. This not only increases the buyers interest, but also enables them to get an accurate picture of the product before they buy it.

Sales Enablement App im Unternehmen einsetzen
SmartVu® Roboter – von 3D zu Augmented Reality

Reason 4

Centralize, manage, and distribute your 3D models

Use your existing 3D data and present it in Augmented Reality. In the meantime, almost every project or product is planned using 3D or CAD data. 

This data can be managed via the Vuframe® platform where it will be converted into small, secure data packets (so-called SmartVu's®). With the help of an App or Web view in the browser, the 3D model can be shared within one click.

These Companies already knowthe value of AR in B2B sales:

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They have created & deployed Sales Enablement tools & apps using the Vuframe® platform.

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