How to boost the success of your remote sales team

Help your sales team succeed when on-site meetings and support at the customers aren’t viable options.

Why sales enablement is so important

While there was a time when working remotely was the sole domain of field sales representatives, remote work has become the new normal for sales professionals of all types. Due to the recent events it’s more important than ever to help your sales team succeed when support and meetings at the customers aren’t viable options.

The value of visualization

Most people are visual learners. If we can see or interact with something, it is often easier for us to remember and process the shown content.

If learning is best accomplished visually, sales conversations should naturally include visualization whenever possible. 3D models and product animations can not only support the sales process efficiently but also effectively.

Product visualization in 3D

Empower your sellers to engage buyers

Today’s buyers are overwhelmed with information, standard cold calls and long emails. In order to stand out during the buying process, you have to work with visually appealing and interactive tools.

Invest in tools your sellers can use to show and distribute content in an easy way. Today’s technology allows salespeople to replace a classic product presentation with an easy-to-navigate, fully brandable sales app that shows products in 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Users can not only interact with products, but also place the products virtually in the room.

What can I do to support my sales team?

The Vuframe® platform enables your sales force to work from anywhere using virtual solutions. Here is a list of some.

Virtual product Demos

Virtual Showrooms

Sales Enablement App


3D & Augmented Reality Online Shopping

Automatic product visualization

User friendly & usable CAD/3D


How can the Vuframe platform support me with that?

If your remote teams want to impress, they need a way to quickly and easily show products for buyers and bring customer conversations to life with interactive buying experiences. With the Vuframe® platform you are able to use existing data to turn them into a digital, interactive and virtual product view that can be shared with your customers in just a few clicks.

The Vuframe® platform impresses with its secure and fully automated processing & reducing of CAD / 3D data files from any common format. 

The platform automatically creates small, photo-realistic & secure data packages (so-called SmartVu’s®) from digital 3D construction plans, which are usually several hundred megabytes in size. 

This enables you to create virtual twins of your products within a very short time and let's you forward them to customers very simply via a link or QR code. This not only saves your sales staff time, but also money and makes your sales workflow more efficient.

Why now is the right time to invest in digital sales tools

Almost any complex, large or heavy product can benefit from virtual solutions, giving buyers increased trust in the end result of their purchasing decisions.

Technologies like Augmented Reality will soon also see use in the production, marketing or maintenance area. Many companies could already integrated this into their processes in a short time using the Vuframe® platform. 

Our customers already use the platform successfully and show that much more than sales enablement is possible with virtual solutions. 

Let's get you selling virtually – today.

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