Stefan Minack – CTO at Vuframe

Announcement: Siempelkamp chooses Vuframe® SaaS platform for their salesforce

Author: Andy Gstoll, Advisor / Consultant at Vuframe

Siempelkamp Group, a global technology leader in mechanical and plant engineering with sales of over 717 million euros and almost 3,000 employees, just signed a 5-year contract for our SaaS platform Vuframe® to bring 3D product visualizations in AR and VR to their salesforce.

The company’s machines and systems are too large and complex to be physically transported for presentation to their customers’ premises. Vuframe® solves this problem and goes even further by providing a mobile application as part of its platform empowering Siempelkamp’s salesforce to show and demonstrate their products effectively anywhere & anytime.

siempelkamp machine in 3d

Siempelkamp machinery demonstrated in AR

siempelkamp in ar

Siempelkamp App available anywhere at any time.

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