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Stefan Minack – CTO at Vuframe

Vuframe appoints Stefan Minack as CTO and Information Security Officer

Author: Andy Gstoll, Advisor / Consultant at Vuframe

As Vuframe continues on its rapid growth trajectory, the company is expanding its management team by appointing Stefan Minack as CTO and ISO, in charge of Vuframe’s product development and information security.

Stefan has been a Vuframe team member since day one and has been working with Andreas, Vuframe’s CEO & Founder, for more than a decade already. While 3D design always at the core of their work, they ran a small video games production company before kicking off Vuframe to create SmartVu® and “smarter 3D” solutions for enterprise applications in 2015. 

“For many years I have been very fortunate to be part of the amazing Vuframe team and to help build our core technology products including our Studio, Aura and Atlas tools. I feel very humbled and privileged to now spearhead the elevation of our platform to the next level by taking on the CTO role”, says Stefan Minack.

Vuframe’s technology

SmartVu® is a virtual 3D product visualization which allows companies to make their products digitally presentable and touchable - anytime & anywhere. The absolute USP is the secure fashion in which data is shared, which makes it non-reverse engineer-able. It revolutionizes sales, marketing and distribution on the web or inside of apps on laptops, tablets, smartphones and also in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality with or without a headset.

Vuframe’s information security

In addition to being promoted to the management team, Stefan - a certified Information Security Officer - will also take on the responsibility of Vuframe’s security and privacy initiatives. Vuframe’s business is built on trust by its customers as it processes valuable CAD & 3D product data. You can read more about Vuframe’s “Secure Realities” initiative here, which makes the company a leader in security in Augmented & Virtual Reality.

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